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Aklavik – Moose Kerr

Grade Range: Kindergarten to Grade 12

Mosse Kerr School

Moose Kerr School

Teachers: 14
Student Population: 161
School Year: September – June

Built in 1969 Moose Kerr School (MKS) was named after Arnold J (Moose) Kerr, a long- standing principal who strived to incorporate the local culture into the daily learning environment.

Moose Kerr’s Obituary from the Arctic Journal VOL.63, NO.1 (March 2010) P.121–123

Along with standard classrooms, MKS has a home economics room, computer lab and science labs, a shop and a gymnasium. The gymnasium is accessible to community organizations for recreational activities. Technology available includes Smartboards and computers in every class and a full coverage wireless network. Local agencies, such as Health and Social Services, Community Health Representatives, Aklavik Fire Department, Recreation, Mental Wellness and RCMP also partner with the school to assist with program delivery.

MKS underwent renovation in 1997 with the expansion of the senior high wing and the addition of a beautiful library that is reflective of the cultures. The library was later recognized as a public-school library to service both students and community.

Contact Information

PO BOX 120
PHONE: (867) 978-2536
FAX: (867) 978-2829

Student Media Showcase

Songs written with Norman Foote:

When Norman Foote visited Moose Kerr in the winter of 2018, he hosted workshops with many of the grades and helped them write their own songs. He later performed them for the students putting their work to music. Norman recorded these songs so they can be shared and enjoyed by all.

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