Welcome to the Beaufort Delta Education Council

The compilation of valuable information on this site has been taken from pertinent sources such as the teachers and office personnel of the BDEC and the department of Education, Culture and Employment.

Because the BDEC is distributed over a huge geographic area. To assist our schools, the BDEC has a full compliment of support staff who travel frequently to assist and support teachers and students in their pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth.

The BDEC Strategic Plan for 2008-13 is the umbrella under which all the BDEC activities, functions and initiatives will fall. Our Strategic Plan recognizes, acknowledges and supports student success in all its forms. BDEC understands too that students can only achieve their maximum potential through the collective efforts of all its team players school staffs, parents, elders, community leaders and organizations and any and all other partners.

We look forward to continued success within our jurisdiction. We are confident that as an organization we have the knowledge, understanding, diligence and wisdom to move our District forward. It is our aim to make a great School District better.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our website so if you have any suggestions or comments please pass them along to us.

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