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BDDEC Message from the Superintendent of Schools

Parents and Guardians of the Beaufort Delta Region, We hope all of you are safe and continue to practice physical distancing. Next to the health and safety of our staff and students, the continuation of student learning is our top priority as an education body. I would like to share with you some of the work the Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council (BDDEC) is doing, and will be doing for students and staff in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BDDEC’s senior management team working with school principals has now developed a district Business Continuity Plan (BCP). We have provided these plans to the Government of Northwest Territories Education, Culture & Employment (ECE). These plans are currently being reviewed to ensure we as an education body are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe. The Business Continuity (BCP) will be reviewed by the NWT Chief Medical Officer’s staff for feedback within the next week.

We understand that parents and students are very concerned about this interruption to student learning. We also understand the importance of teachers, administrators and all education staff to provide the learning opportunities our students need. We have selected a date of April 14th to launch student learning plans to all BDDEC families. In the meantime teachers will need time to organize materials, plan and some cases receive the necessary resources to create learning plans.

We ask that you be patient while our school staff work hard to put together these learning plans for your children. During this time, you can stay up to date by following school social media pages or the two district accounts at:

Facebook: Beaufort Delta Education Council
Instagram: @beaufortdelta_DECYou can use the telephone to contact the

BDDEC office as well at 867-777-2332.

We will get through these trying times by coming together and supporting one another. Continue to stay safe and feel free to reach out for more information if you need it. We will be providing as many updates as we can in the upcoming weeks.


Frank Galway
Superintendent of Schools
Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council
Bag Service 12
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
Ph: 867 777 2332 ext 506
Email: frankg@bdec.nt.ca

Attached Minister’s letter:

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NWT Education Bulletin

May 15/ 2020 Letter to Parents (PDF)

Link to the updated Education Bulletin (PDF)

March 23/ 2020 Superintendent Letter (PDF)

As seen below, the BDEC is distributed over a huge geographic area. To assist our schools, based in Inuvik, the BDEC has a full compliment of support staff who travel frequently to assist and support teachers and students in their pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth.

Shown below are the Communities, Schools and Educational Districts of the NWT.

Detail of the Beaufort Delta Education Council area

The Beaufort Delta Education Council will strengthen partnerships to build thriving school communities which embrace and deliver culture-based education by providing tools and resources for student success.


Empowered by culture-based education, students are inspired to succeed.

 Graduation dates for 2020 are as follows:

• Angik School, Paulatuk, NT – May 26, 2020
• Helen Kalvak School, Ulukhaktok, NT – June 03, 2020
• East Three Secondary School, Inuvik, NT – May 30, 2020
• Mangilaluk School, Tuktoyaktuk, NT – June 19, 2020
• Chief Julius School, Fort McPherson, NT – June 19, 2020
• Moose Kerr School, Aklavik, NT – June 12, 2020


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